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SenseAir® AB is the competence center for all kinds of IR gas measurements and the world leading company in R&D and manufacturing of low cost IR gas sensing.

SenseAir® is one of the largest producers in the world on CO2 sensors.

SenseAir® AB develops and manufactures infrared gas sensors and controllers for both stand-alone operations and integration in other systems. SenseAir® CO2 sensors are used in ventilation control for energy savings and a good indoor climate, process yield and economic outcome in many bio-related processes, personal safety, "for appliances built-in" etc.

Techart Micro Systems and SenseAir cooperate for more then 15 years.


Сomtel Electronics GmbH

Сomtel Electronics GmbH

Comtel has acquired a leadership position in the business of electrical interconnection components and systems. The activities of the company include high-speed electrical simulation, design, prototypes and mass production for Backplanes and system solutions.

Since 1993, Comtel Electronics GmbH has been offering Backplanes and integrated systems based on a wide range of VME, VXI, PXI, cPCI, ATCA, and custom proprietary solutions.

Comtel has expertise in a wide range of engineering disciplines including concept design, board assembly and testing, mechanical design and production, wiring and functional test, system engineering and software design.

Comtel products are implemented in solutions for telecommunications, test and measurement, instrumentation, medical, military and other applications.

Comtel is a privately owned company with its headquarters in Munich, Germany. The Comtel Group incorporates production facilities in Germany and Israel. Furthermore the enterprise offers sales support worldwide.

Comtel is an active member of PICMG consortium, contributing in development of advanced telecommunication standards as AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA.

Techart Micro Systems and Comtel cooperate since 2004.



PVZ Elektronik AB

PVZ Elektronik  is a technology company active in the design for sensors and instrumentation.

The core of our engineering network consists of experienced engineers with common special feature in their background: all of them had opportunity to learn and apply efforts and come to operating results in several fields of engineering. We gained advances of wider and at the same time deep competence, ability to see general picture keeping concentration on details or take into account technical details in system design depending on current design task. By other words our strong side is a system approach to particular design challenges.

Techart Micro Systems and PVZ Elektronik cooperate since 2009.







Hana Engineering

Hana Engineering is a technical products company based in Ansung Korea that develops unique product solutions to address compelling market need. The company has extensive background in infrared gas sensing technologies, industrial fire detection and protection as well as indoor air quality monitoring. The company is privately held and currently operates offices in Ansung, Korea and a US sales office in Santa Barbara California, USA.

Techart Micro Systems and Hana Engineering cooperate since 2010.







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